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Title: Bubble Canopy on Spitfire LFXVIe
Post by: Merlin-322 on December 31, 2019, 07:31:00 PM
Good evening

I'm new to the forums here and I wanted to ask you knowledgeable people on here for some help please.

My Wife's Grandfather served with 74 Sqn 2nd TAF from March 13th - April 20th 1945 and then reposted to 322 Sqn 2nd TAF from April 21st - July 21st 1945. He flew Spitfire XVI's with both of these Squadrons. Would the aircraft have had Bubble canopies fitted around these time periods as standard?

There are photos online of both these squadrons using either standard or bubble canopies but no dates are present.

the reason I ask, is because I am building a model of an XVI using her Grandfathers logbook as a guide (for markings and armament) and wanted to make it as accurate as possible and the canopy thing has been bugging me.

thankyou for your help and time