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Title: "Spitfire Saga"
Post by: vingtor on June 16, 2009, 08:15:06 PM
The first two volumes of Cato Guhnfeldt's new book series "Spitfire Saga" will be published mid August. The books deals with the history of Nos. 331 and 332 (Norwegian) Squadron during WW2. Each volume is about 300 pages A4 format with 500 photos and 10-12 colour profiles. The books are based on primary sources such as official documents from British and Norwegian archives as well as interviews with more than 60 veterans.

Vol. 1 deals with the period from the establishment of 331 Sqn. in the summer of 1941 till the spring 1942 while Vol. 2 continues with the summer 1942 including the "Dieppe Raid" 19 August.

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The text is in Norwegian, but all chapters have a summary in English. All photo captions are in both languages.

Cato plans to write 5 or 6 volumes in this series. Vol. 3 will be released early 2010.

The books will be available directly from Cato, but the weight will make the postage quite expensive. The books will also be sold at the Scale ModelWorld in Telford, England 7-8 November.


Title: Re: "Spitfire Saga"
Post by: vingtor on July 06, 2009, 12:18:27 AM

The first two volumes will be released on 18. august,

The books can be ordered directly from the author at


Title: Re: "Spitfire Saga"
Post by: DCK on July 27, 2009, 08:16:58 PM
Thanks a lot for this information, as I have been calling around to book stores several times trying to find out just when it would be released.

Might as well give info about my book as well. (haven't gone official with this until now, so consider it an exclusive for this site!)

Gladiator, the book about Finn Thorsager, Norwegian Spitfire pilot and squadron leader, will also be available in August. Do not have
a specific date yet I'm afraid. This is just for Scandinavians frequenting this board as it is in Norwegian.