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Title: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: Bigfoot on July 31, 2009, 03:46:19 PM
Hello all, 
I'd like to start building a model of JEJ's Mk 392 soon, and am looking for information on the aircraft.  I understand it was a LF Mk IX, but am looking for a rundown of its various features.  If anyone can point me to a good source or share some information, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance, Scott

Title: Re: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: Antoni on July 31, 2009, 07:30:44 PM
Most representations of this Spitfire are basically his earlier Spitfire, EN398, with the serial number altered and ‘invasion stripes’ added. The main differences between the two Spitfires are:

MK392 did not have the maple leaf badges or Wing Commander pennant,
The shape of the letter Js was different, those on MK392 having flat bottoms.

There are only two known photographs of MK392 taken in the winter of 1945 after the invation stripes were removed and the spinner painted black and the Sky band on the fuselage painted over. Both, previously unpublished, photographs can been seen in 2nd TAF Volume 4.

Watermark decals are the only company I know of that have produced an accurate set of decals for MK392.

Title: Re: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: Bigfoot on July 31, 2009, 08:32:46 PM
Hi Antoni,

Interesting to know that MK392 was not known about until relatively recently.  I bought the Colorado Decals Spitfire Aces Mk. VIII & IX set and it has the decals for MK392.  Between that and the attractive look of the invasion stripes, I decided to do this version. 
The Osprey Late Marque Spitfire Aces book has a profile on both EN398 and MK392, but doesn't say much about particulars about the type. 
Looks like the Watermark Decals sheet says MK392 was an 'e' wing - do other people agree?  I was under the impression that the 'e' wing was very rare on the Mk IX, but I could be wrong.

Title: Re: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: flapper1 on February 08, 2010, 04:22:00 PM
I recently posted this question on the flypast forums but got nowhere.One reply stated that the 2nd TAF Orders of Battle show which Wings were equipped with 'Spit.IX LF 0.5'. Neither of Johnson's Wings (No 144 which was disbanded in July, nor No 127 to which he subsequently transferred) show as having anything but standard LF.IXs. Yet several pictures of Johnson taken in Normandy including a famous shot with Sally the Lab in colour clearly show him posed in and on an "E" wing Spitfire IX
Hope these links are OK, I am at work at the moment unable to check. If MK392 was a "E" wing Spit a lot of aviation artists and decal manufacturers are in error.

Title: Re: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: ronl on February 13, 2010, 02:28:30 AM
Hi Everyone,

Interesting questions regarding JEJ's Spitfires.  There is a famous painting by Robert Taylor titled "St. Croix Sur Mer" which depicts JEJ's Spitfire taking off at St. Croix Sur Mer.  I will try to attach it to this post.  It seems to depict a Mk IXe wing, but the two .303 machine guns appear to be installed.  Overall, a bit of a confusing painting.

I have often wondered if JEJ used an e-wing Spitfire.  He doesn't make any reference to using an e-wing Spitfire in his book "Wing Leader".

If anyone can provide any further information, I would be interested in seeing it.  Thanks.


Title: Re: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: Jayce on August 09, 2010, 08:27:32 PM
Reviving an old thread I know but the Spitfire Production Website says this about her:

MK392: LFIX  Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory, Merlin 66
8MU 12-2-44,
441Sqn 13-3-44,
443Sqn 27-7-44,
403Sqn 23-11-44,
416Sqn 11-1-45,
401Sqn Engine caught fire on take-off hit pole on approach and crashlanded Wunstorf CE 20-4-45.

Title: Re: Looking for Info on JEJ's MK 392
Post by: ronl on October 20, 2015, 06:44:01 PM
Does anyone have a copy of 2nd Tactical Air Force Vol. 4 as referenced above?  If so, is there any chance you could post the two pictures of JEJ's Spitfire MK 392 that are in this book?  Also, any information on the e- wing armament would be great as well.  Thanks.