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Title: Andrew Mamedoff's Mk I / L1082 / R6690 / PR-A
Post by: Warbird Kid on July 31, 2020, 01:38:41 AM

Thanks for the add and glad to be here! I'm the curator for the Connecticut Air & Space Center here in Stratford, Connecticut. We're actually located in a portion of the original Chance Vought factory (where the Corsair was designed and built up to the F4U-4 and XF4U-5 models). Aside from creating displays, I also am an avid modeler, and figured I'd put my skills to good use with creating models of aircraft that pertain to Connecticut history. Hence Andrew Mamedoff, (who grew up in Thompson, CT).

I'm building a 1/48th scale Tamiya Mk.I Spit in the markings of Andrew Mamedoff's mount: (L1082 PR-A) and I figured I would go to the experts here. I've found a few artistic drawings and one original picture of this plane but I'm hoping to find some more definitive clarification from the brain trust here.

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My current questions are:
1. Which Cameo pattern did this bird have?
2. What color was the prop spinner?

If I have any other questions I'll be sure to follow up. Thanks in advance!