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Title: Looking for info on speeds and...
Post by: gr1mR36p3r on January 18, 2010, 01:16:28 PM
Hi there guys :)
just new around here ...  :D
following a conversation with a workmate a few days ago, I fell in love again with flight sim :) so I wiped the dust again from my X52, and launched Il2-1946... and of course, my plane of choice is our beloved Spitfire!
Anyhow, I am having a tough time in flying it around... I would need some infos like...
at what speed should I take off? What speed should I approach landing strip, and should touch down?
how do I recover from stall? how fast can I turn in combat and still be safe? what the optimal altitude for AA fight? :o
most probably all the answers depend on the version and (maybe) the geographic location of the field, this probably being secondary in a flight sim like IL2... nevertheless, problem is I have no idea where to start from!!  ???
can any of you help me?thanx in advance!  :)