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Title: Spitfire Vb ER536 52nd Fighter Group 4thFS USAAF
Post by: mack1 on July 18, 2012, 12:18:42 AM
Hello everyone,
I am carrying out some research on a Spitfire Vb serial no ER536 .The a/c was one of a batch shipped to Gibralter and then flown to Tunisia North Africa in 1942.
It flew with the 52nd Fighter group and was flown by Lt Stephen Freel.The a/c was lost on the 6th Dec 1942 after being attacked by Me109s .Freel managed  to get the Spitfire back to its base at Bone Aerodrome but crash landed and Freel was killed.
If anyone can assist in  providing any information on the a/c in particular it's squadron codes I would be most grateful.