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Title: Forum organization
Post by: gingerbob on February 19, 2009, 11:53:55 AM

Just wanted to toss in an idea.  This site is really just getting started, and I'm hoping that as word gets out it'll be as much the "central clearing house" as the Mustang SIG is.

I suggest that having only one forum within the cluster specifically for "discussing the Spitfire" will soon be so busy as to make it hard to keep track of threads.  You can already see the disparity with the number of threads/posts there vs the other categories.

The question is, how would we subdivide it so that it doesn't cause even more frustration?  The Mustang site has "Tech[nical]", History (more operational- units, etc), and so on.  Now that I think about it, this site does too, with a "restorations" section, etc.  So in terms of "historical" subjects, one possibility might be "Fighters, PR, Sea".  Another might be "prototypes, Merlin, Griffon, Spiteful".

I'm hoping there'll be some discussion, rather than hasty adoption of any particular grouping.  Over to you,