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Title: Spitfire gun port cover
Post by: Sander on June 21, 2013, 06:59:53 PM
Hello everyone,
I have a question or two for which I hope to get some help.
I have been researching the crash of Spitfire PRIB N3069 for 23 years now and I have published a 40 page book last april. This PR Spitfire, one of Sidney Cotton's first two, crashed in Holland near the Dutch German border in the Arnhem area on 22 March 1940. F/O Claude Mervyn Wheatley was sadly killed after his parachute failed to open. It is my believe that part of the wreckage is still buried at the crashsite.

The only part I have ever found is in my believe a stainless steel gun port cover. There is no stamped marking saying 'camera cover' which is for me a further clou that it is a gun port cover. To be sure I searched for a drawing/ blueprint of this part for confirmation but my search turned up nothing so far. Is there anyone who might know of such a drawing...if it exicts?

The second question I have is regarding a photograph of N3069. In all those 23 years I have never found one! From the other Spitfire (N3071) several photo's exist but I find it hard to believe that no photo's where made of N3069.
Attached also is a link to our website where I published a short article regarding this aircraft and crash.
Many thanks for any help or info!!!
Kind regards from Holland,