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Title: CBAF/SAL stencils on rudders
Post by: BobT on March 24, 2014, 04:00:24 PM
Hello gentlemen,

I wondered if anyone could possibly shed some light on these stencils for me at all please?
Does the CBAF/...... or SAL/............... stencil on the rudder seen in some photos refer to the whole aircraft or just the rudder part?
(in other words, if it has a CBAF number does that mean the rudder came from Castle Bromwich or the whole aircraft?).
I'm pretty sure I read that the vast majority of MkIX Spitfires were produced at Castle Bromwich as opposed to Supermarine at a ratio of
something like 5000 to 500?
If it does refer to the whole airframe, then I wondered why the majority of kit/decal manufacturers include SAL prefixes rather than CBAF.

Any pointers/help on this would be very much appreciated, thank you.



Title: Re: CBAF/SAL stencils on rudders
Post by: BobT on March 30, 2014, 12:25:46 PM
Hi again,

Well I think I'm going to possibly answer my own question here.
I'm making an (un)educated guess that the CBAF/SAL prefix serial number has pretty much nothing to do with where the airframe was assembled and it's construction number
and instead refers to something completely different (best guess from me is the rudder itself?), as otherwise I can see no reason why high profile aircraft such as the BBMF's
Spit MK356 and Boultbee's SM520 which were both made in Castle Bromwich and have known construction numbers, would have SAL prefixed serials on their rudders
(which they have).
My conclusion for a modeller's or artwork representational angle, would therefore be, that if you can't see photographic evidence of the SAL/CBAF prefix in a photo, then it's
down to guesswork and personal taste which one you choose to put on, or you could decide that it might have been painted over at some stage.
Cheers, Bob.