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Title: Kent Spitfire incident?
Post by: JamesF on June 07, 2014, 09:12:45 AM
Recently saw on an American website, that the "Kent Spitfire" TA805 departed the runway on landing at Biggin Hill recently and ended up on her nose.  Any further news on this?  Damage?  Apart from the propellor no doubt.  Scant  news if any on this so far?  Curious to know as if you burst a brake bag, which surprisingly seems a rare event (but seemed common on the Vampire?) however that would leave you with no diferential braking on one side and thus low speed steering problems due the castoring unlockable tailwheel.  Was this a factor?

Any news on the French PR19 Spitfire landing incident/accident a while back.  Also seems to have been very low profile?