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Title: Help Needed...Please_ Spitfire Markings... 52 views, are there any experts here?
Post by: Grafikco on March 03, 2018, 10:38:00 PM
(http://)Hi all, hope this message finds you all in fine fettle. Need help with Spitfire markings, currently painting a digital  profile of the beautiful MKVB 'Lytham St Annes' W3644 (WIP), its a quick question and I hope there is someone out there who can clarify. On the original aircraft, what was sprayed on and what was hand painted? As far as I can tell...

Camo (sprayed)
Stencils eg; oil flap, trestle, serial code etc (sprayed)
Fin Flash (Don't know)
Roundels (looks like hand painted in some photos) but look sprayed on at the factory
Squadron ID (Hand painted)
White Tail Band (don't know

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated

Work in progress below (

Thank you

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