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Title: About Morotai
Post by: AJS on December 10, 2008, 08:26:09 PM

First off, great site. There's a bunch of stories I never even learned about. I didn't even know that the US Navy operated Spitfires.

Anyway, I was reading up on the RAAF article by Martin Waligorski and near the beginning it states that "...and the distance to the Philippines, which remained outside of the operational radius of the Spitfires Mk. VIII..."

Morotai island is only about 320 nautical miles from General Santos City, on the Southern-most large island, Mindanao. With a 90- Imperial Gallon drop-tank, the Spitfire VIII could easily fly to Mindanao and fight for about 45 mins and still return home. It was much like D-Day in France. So I find it unlikely that the Spitfire couldn't make it to the Philippines and actually push the Japanese towards the Americans in the North.

Perhaps it had more to do with McCarthur than the Spitfire's supposed 'inability' to reach the Philippines.