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Title: help with learning
Post by: alecras234 on July 14, 2019, 10:51:09 AM
Hi im Ash from North Wales.    I'm interested in WW2 Aircraft, in particular the Spitfire.    My mate knows a lot about world war 2 and aircraft of world war 2, from their types, various camouflage,  the guns that were in aircraft, how big the guns were to the bullets they used and the type of engine.   The knowledge he has amazes me and I want to gain knowledge like he has.    Where do i start on this forum?   I want to learn the details of aircraft the the camo used over certain countries, why the black and white underside for the spitfire, guns used etc.    BTW I have the book called, R J Mitchell  Schoolboy to Spitfire but it doesn't give marking, various camouflage, guns, engine.   Where would i get that information please?

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