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Author Topic: Foam cheesehead is hot when Packers do well  (Read 82 times)
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« on: June 26, 2020, 05:10:09 AM »

There no milk, bacteria, fermentation or refrigeration at this Wisconsin cheese factory. That because they are making foam cheeseheads. Ralph Bruno invented the oversized yellow wedge hat in 1987 from his mother couch stuffing and it has since become a popular headpiece, particularly for Wisconsin sports fans and residents. His company, Foamation Inc., moved into a new Milwaukee location in 2016 and soon started formal factory tours where people can make their own cheeseheads or other foam products.                  Tour-goers take a Wedge of Allegianceand hear about the history of the building Green Bay Packers Salute to Sevice Hoodie, the company and Bruno himself, with a few cheese jokes thrown in. They also get to see how the foam products are made.Bruno says his creation has become a symbol of pride for not only Wisconsinites, but for all Midwesterners. He doesnt know exactly how many have been sold, but itenough to line cheeseheads from New York to the West Coast. He says sales always pick up when the Packers do well https://www.packerssalutetoservice.com/63-Oren_Burks, so sales should be brisk this week with the Green Bay Packers taking on the San Francisco 49ers in SundayNFC Championship.Bruno says his company usually has to add extra shifts to help meet demand at such times. In addition to cheeseheads, the company makes foam products including bow ties, top hats, wine toppers, baseball caps and corn-shaped hats.
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