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Author Topic: Looking for info on speeds and...  (Read 1665 times)
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« on: January 18, 2010, 01:16:28 PM »

Hi there guys Smiley
just new around here ...  Cheesy
following a conversation with a workmate a few days ago, I fell in love again with flight sim Smiley so I wiped the dust again from my X52, and launched Il2-1946... and of course, my plane of choice is our beloved Spitfire!
Anyhow, I am having a tough time in flying it around... I would need some infos like...
at what speed should I take off? What speed should I approach landing strip, and should touch down?
how do I recover from stall? how fast can I turn in combat and still be safe? what the optimal altitude for AA fight? Shocked
most probably all the answers depend on the version and (maybe) the geographic location of the field, this probably being secondary in a flight sim like IL2... nevertheless, problem is I have no idea where to start from!!  Huh
can any of you help me?thanx in advance!  Smiley
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