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Author Topic: Help 're-homing' books  (Read 2777 times)
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« on: November 28, 2011, 04:49:27 PM »

Hello all...

I was wondering if any of you good people had any ideas on how best to 're-home' some books?

My dad died recently, and my mum and me need some ideas of how to best redistribute his books. They're too specialist and there's too many of them for our local second hand bookshops and neither of us can face selling them off one by one.

They're mostly military history (H.M.S Hood, Spitfires, Victoria Cross, Rorke's Drift) plus his other interests; Titanic mainly.

We don't want money for them, just to see them go to somewhere where they'll have a chance of being appreciated and we'd be happy to give them away to anyone who could come and collect them. We're in north Cornwall.

I should mention that most, if not all, the books have my dad's handwritten footnotes and corrections in (he was a stickler for accuracy and detail!) and I know that's usually a no-no for second hand books, so I don't know if bookshops would be interested or not.

If anyone has any ideas or would like more details (numbers and titles of books for instance), then please let me know.

Please accept my apologies if I've broken any forum rules or posted in the wrong place.
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