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Author Topic: A Mystery Spitfire  (Read 2458 times)
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« on: October 02, 2012, 05:40:18 PM »

I am trying to identify a mystery Spitfire and (more importantly) the last pilot who flew it.

I have posted on the key publishing Aviation History forum as well.

The spitfire in question was supposed to have come down about two months after Lancaster DV382 in Upwaltham in West Sussex, that would make it about April 1944 onwards. I have spoken to many witnesses, none of whom could give me a precise month, let alone a date. I have bought every book I can think of, including all of Andy Saunder's, Fighter Command Losses, small local books, but I cannot find out any record of it. In Bombers over Sussex there is a Spitfire mentioned in the very approximate area (Lavington) dated 3/4/44, but no details.

I do not believe this is the same incident as Lavington is a mile or so away and down in the valley.

Hendon couldn't come up with anything on that date. Someone, who was a schoolboy at the time, has given me some parts he recovered at the time (a popular occupation)
and there are some numbers. Attached is a scan of what a contributor on the Key Publications website as an inspection or access cover for the gun camera.  There are two numbers on it  3513825187j1H. The second number is 38 627 40DHV. Someone suggested that the first number suggests a Mk VII onwards.

The second picture is what I believe is a starboard navigation light shroud.

Is there any information I can glean from these numbers about the ID of the aircraft? Does anyone have any information on this story? Has anyone any idea why this aircraft could have missed being recorded?


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