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Author Topic: searching information about spit mk V of the 602th sq. spring/summer1942  (Read 3162 times)
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« on: July 23, 2013, 05:56:27 PM »

I'm Xan Berasategui a french (basque) modeler.
I 'm looking for information about Spitfires Mk V of the 602th sq. based in Kinley between March and July of 1942.
I want to represent the plane of De la Poype, Free French, who flew in team with Paddy Finucane.

I wrote to the 602th sq. museum and they tell me he flew those plane :

BM114, BM156, and BM 128

They had not pics of those aircraft, but send me a picture of another plane of the same period.

in an other forum Edgar told me He flew many Spitfires, during that time; unfortunately the ORB lists only serial numbers, and no codes, but he flew BL476 (one sortie); BM114 (2); BM156 (5); BM128 (19); BM145 (1); BM228 (2); BM157 (1); BM385 (1); BM236 (1); BM124 (1); BM201 (5); BL928 (1); BM245 (1);BM292 (1); BM136 (1); BL920 (1); BM133 (3).

I wrote to Roland de la Poype and I told me he couldn't remenber, but he signed me the pics, which has been a great honor for me. He died in october of 2012

At the moment I only know they were neither LO / Y seen on this pic, nor LO / W which was Finucane's airplane. (De la Poype was Paddy Finucane’s wingman and they were very friends)
the LO/D was surely the W3638

Has anyboby got pics of spit MkV of the 602th squadron, between March and July of 1942 ?
Does anyone have any information about others airplanes (serial numbers and letters of the plane) ?

Thank you

Xan Berasategui
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 05:53:35 PM »

Good luck with your search Xan. I'm sorry that I can't help, but try the "Flypast" historic Forum.Lots of Spitfire experts on there.
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