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Author Topic: Spitfire VIII, JF344, 32.Squadron RAF, Balkan Air Force, February, 1944.  (Read 5640 times)
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« on: February 11, 2017, 07:32:55 PM »

Hi everyone,
I am an aircraft modeller ( 58 ) and a part time historian with a specific interest. For more than 35 years I am trying to build one specific Spitfire F VIII model, the JF344., 32. squadron RAF, Italy, February, 1944. ( No, I am not a rivet counter, I need just one letter).
I have more than forty pages big file about the pilot, i.e., late F/Lt. John McAndrew Brodie, a Canadian from St.John.  but still I do not have any photo of the aircraft.
After my research and the big help from  Mr. Zoran Petek from Zagreb, Croatia, than also the Britmodeller member "magpie22" ( thanks once again ) and some other members of the  various forums, I know now that the squadron code was "GZ", but I do not know an individual letter of JF344 within 32. squadron, in February, 1944..

Here I need your help

I know  that it was not "M", Mk. VIII (JF404, Michael S, Lewis, sq. leader).
Also, it was not  "N", Mk. VIII, (JF364, which was also flown by  F/Lt. John McAndrew Brodie, just a week before his tragic death at 14th February 1944.).
Also,  for "O", Mk.VIII, there is a picture from Vis aifield, summer 1944., and that was later.
All (?) of the aircrafts (Mk.VIII) were in  Grey/PRU Blue camo, with extended wingtips and with standard rudder.

Aircraft "A" is Mk. IX (MA??? or MH??? ), Grey/Green camo, also Vis airfield, summer 1944.
Aircraft "B" is Mk. IX, MA 618, after  32., sq. ORB, pilot  R.G.P. Dulhunty,  or( MA 619???), after one picture on the internet which is doubtful because there is no MA 619 in ORB for January/February 1944.,  also  Grey /PRU Blue camo.
Aircraft "D" is Mk.IX , MA802,  pilot F/Sgt. Gerry.F. Bishop,  shot down at 03.03 1944.,  POW, I saw a part of his plane recently.

After this, my conclusion is that all Mk. IX  were "A" flight, and  Mk. VIII were"B" flight. This is also after a suggestion from "magpie22". Right???

It is almost 100 % possible that JF344 was fitted with the extended  wing tips and the standard rudder ( like others  that one can see at the pictures easily found on the internet ( type: 32. squadron , Italy, Foggia ).  I am not sure for the  copyrights, so I am not enclosing it . Allegedly, all JF batch up to the JF7xxx had extended wing tips and standard, ( short) rudder.
Also, very possible that  at the February 1944., the camo was Grey/PRU Blue ( the original camo was Dark Earth/Middlestone/Azure Blue).
The pictures of the gun and the machinegun from JF344 one can see at : www.allspitfirepilots.org

Please , send me your opinions, and ( hopefully ) photographs, if any.
Sincerely yours

P.S. Excuse me on my English.
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